Ottawa 2022

Here we created a view of our trips and daily life in Ottawa for 2021 and 2022

28 August 2022-Love is love! Happy Pride!

27 August 2022-Summer is about to end, so why not try Britannia Beach 🙂

20 August 2022-One of the best thing to do in Ottawa is to visit Petrie Island in summer.

June-August 2022-Through the summer, we have met amazing people. We now have great memories. We feel so lucky 🙂

21 July 2022-We support RedBlacks!!

June-August 2022-I discover that the best way to learn about the city and its culture is through volunteering in the summer festivals (Tim Hortons Dragon Boat Festival, Bluesfest, HOPE Volleyball Ottawa, Chamberfest, Coffee Fest). I met amazing people, had so much fun, and enjoyed the concerts and festivals:)

24 June 2022-Escapade Music Festival 2022

15 June 2022-We thought it was not the best idea to go to Wakefield by bike just before we found out new bike road on our way back home. Cafe Le Hibou offers a cool place to chill out and the best butter chicken curry I have ever eaten.

5 June 2022-A day trip to Pink Lake and O’Brien Beach. Roberto Pizza Romana is a must-go restaurant in Chelsea. Have you tried ice cream from La Cigale:)

1 June 2022-Ottawa Ribfest, Spark Steet

29 May 2022-We had a short trip to SemSem Lebanese/Palastanien restaurant to have a very delicious brunch, and on the way, we realized that it was Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend too. After a long cycling day, a rest time on our balcony.

22 May 2022-Flora Hall Brewing

12 May 2022– Wonderful bale performance “Les Grands Ballets – Sleeping Beauty at National Arts Center, Ottawa, ON

11 May 2022– It is summer and we love cycling:) Our trip to Remic Rapid Park and a beer at Braumeister Bierhalle

9 May 2022 – We visited Commissioners Park for the Tulip Festival and had a picnic in Arboretum. In the afternoon we visited Mooney’s Park and Beach

26 April 2022– We love the pizza at the happy hour at The Clarendon Tavern

18 April 2022-Dessert stop at Sugar Marmalade

12 April 2022-Ayla’s Social Kitchen is a great restaurant. Indescribable taste, perfect service, and phenomenal hospitality. Altogether such a great experience:)

5 April 2022– We have a big shopping day every month at Adonis (supermarket). This time we had a meal at Wild Wing Restaurant across the road. The first picture is in front of our house:)

24 March 2022- Happy birthday sweetheart. Short lunchtime visit to the lab at the University of Ottawa with a 40-year-old macaroon birthday box. Quelque Chose dessert shop is my favourite.

19 March 2022– We sometimes eat and drink at home:)

13th March 2022– Last beautiful days of winter at Jack Pine Trail, Ottawa, ON

6 March 2022– The best coffee shop for us in Ottawa is Happy Goat Coffee in Sandy Hill. For the last 6 months every weekend, we go there, say hi to Julia (cutest barista ever), and buy an americano and a lactose-free latte. Spend like an hour walking by the Rideau River.

13 February 2022-Super Bowl night at Father & Sons Bar in our neighborhood.

12 February 2022– We learned that winter is cold in Ottawa:)

23 January 2022-We can also enjoy our time in the snow, with the frozen waterfall if we have hot coffee

17 January 2022– Some more photos around the university campus and the Rideau channel:)

1 January 2022– New Year celebrations at our house in Sandy Hill.

26 December 2022– Shopping time from LCBO

19 December 2021- Hiking into the woods – Mer Bleue Bog, Ottawa, ON

12 December 2021– Christmas time in Ottawa

25 November 2021- Thali is a nice fancy Indian restaurant downtown. We love South Indian food, and this experience was a great combination of delicious food with the exemptional service quality.

10 November 2021-It is my birthday. Let’s celebrate with the cocktails. Datsun Asian Restaurant is a cool place with fusion juicy plates and also great cocktails.

1 November 2021- It was still spring and some flowers on our balcony were still alive. We cycled to Rapid Remic Park, Ottawa, ON

31 October 2021- I know that I am not an expert on Halloween makeup but we can still gain some candies:)

20 October 2021– On our way to Orleans fruit farm by the river. Although we missed the apple pick-up season, there were still some pumpkins available.

17 October 2021– I feel lucky to have a chance to be living in Ottawa, such a peaceful view

16 October 2021– We missed the party! Our best friends got married. Congratulations Barış & Filiz, we love you so much guys!

15 October 2021– A photo from our balcony and some street view.

9 October 2021- We are in the same colors of autumn in Ottawa; red&yellow

25 September 2021- Sushi night home

23 September 2021– We bought our recycled bikes

19 September 2021-We are concurring the streets of Ottawa

16 September 2021-Of course we visited the National Art Gallery in my first month

10 September 2021– Here I am in Ottawa after missing each other for 7-month-separation. I missed you a lot darling

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